The Terminator Tech Noir Shootout

The coordination of this scene is IMPECCABLE, and is a masterclass in editing: – Sarah ducking at the last moment. – The slow motion dancing (and MAN I LOVE that song). – The slow motion meeting of eyes with Kyle Reese. – ALL THE SLOW MOTION. – The dance music fading into terror as theContinue reading “The Terminator Tech Noir Shootout”

13 Going on 30 Thriller Dance

– Look at how happy everyone gets in this scene. I’m not much of a dancer AT ALL, but dancing gives people joy. Seeing people with utter joy on their faces is something very wondrous and beautiful. – Thriller is a great┬áparty song, and one great song can really liven up dead space. – ThatContinue reading “13 Going on 30 Thriller Dance”