Little Shop of Horrors (MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW)

Seymour Krelborn, a former street-kid turned florist, finds a mysterious, weird-looking plant just after a solar eclipse. Seymour also has a crush on his coworker Audrey, but she is in an abusive relationship with a sadistic dentist.

Things I liked:

  • I usually never list the effects about anything first, but I’m still in complete and wondrous awe at what I saw, especially when we finally see Audrey II in all her giant plant glory. I’m pretty sure the woman seated next to me heard me say “holy shit” in amazement.
  • Every performance in the cast was stupendous, especially the impeccable work by leads George Salazar (as Seymour) and Mj Rodriguez (as Audrey). Their roles demand a balance of drama and humor among the singing, and they nailed it.
  • Amber Riley brings a superb swagger to her role as Audrey II.
  • Everyone from those leads to all the supporting cast to the musicians to the puppeteers turned in some A plus PLUS work.
  • The wardrobes for this production have been modernized, which helps modernize the story.
  • Speaking of the story, the original film was made in 1960, was turned into a stage musical in 1982, adapted into a famous movie musical in 1986 (that’s the one most people [including me] are familiar with), brought back as a musical in 2003 and is still being talked and praised about 59 years later in 2019. That shows how a well-made story can be enjoyed by multiple generations.
  • George Salazar is a bi-racial, openly gay man and Mj Rodriguez is a bi-racial transgender woman. Having them as the show’s leads is a perfect example of how utterly important inclusion and progression is in today’s society.
  • The songs are sooooo catchy, and I can’t believe I don’t already own the soundtrack.
  • From a technical side, there’s some really cool stuff they do withing the stage.

Things I didn’t like:

  • I can’t find one negative thing to say about this presentation, not even if I nit-picked.

Overall: In terms of entertainment that we can consume, either visually or audibly, I will proudly say that this is the greatest piece of entertainment I have ever seen in my life that left me happily speechless for many hours. Little Shop completely blew me away.

It is playing at the Pasadena Playhouse until October 20th. Get your tickets here.

Jose Zuazua is editor-in-chief of Quick Lunch Break Reviews. He has an associates degree in film production. He’s on Twitter and Instagram, and is also currently writing his first short novel.

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