Hell or High Water

– Other critics have called it a neo or contemporary western but that classification does not do it justice. Hell or High Water dusts off a mirror to show us exactly what warped sense of justice we have in the good ole US of A.
– A perfect example of the end justifying the means, it shows two brothers, Toby (Chris Pine) and Tanner (Ben Foster) going on a bank robbing spree to save their family ranch from foreclosure. On their trail are veteran law men, almost like brothers themselves, Marcus and Alberto, played so charismatically by Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham.
– Hell or High Water demonstrates the devastating results of our banking system on the poor, the ironic view of the law, the dynamics of our gun culture, and the demoralizing lengths people have to resort to in order to survive. The character Toby sums it up so succinctly when he says, “I’ve been poor my whole life. It’s like a disease, passing from generation to generation.”
– This story is so sharply written by Taylor Sheridan and so lean, that no exposition is needed to set up this masterpiece of storytelling. Truly one of the best pictures of 2016, Hell or High Water draws a distinct line between what is the law and what is considered justice.
– Final Letter Grade: A+

Danny Simonzad is a contributing writer for Quick Lunch Break Reviews. He is co-owner of Spot On Media, Inc (http://www.spotontv.com). You can find him on twitter (twitter.com/dannysimonzad) and instagram (instagram.com/DannySimonzad).

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