Kong: Skull Island

– Genre mashups are hard to pull off successfully. Action-horror hybrids (like Underworld and the Resident Evils) and action-comedies (like the 21 Jump Street series) are constantly being churned out, but it’s usually just those two. Horror-comedies tend tend to age better, but studios don’t make those very much. This movie is a war-action-horror-comedy &Continue reading “Kong: Skull Island”

Get Out

– Written and directed by the same Jordan Peele from “Key & Peele”. – One of best written screenplays I’ve heard in a long while. – Peele’s direction is as TIGHT as his script. This is a very suspenseful film channeling the very best of Alfred Hitchcock, but with more social commentary (like the appropriationContinue reading “Get Out”

Gravity Falls (tv)

– A truly fantastic show / mini-series. – Proof that long-form storytelling can be a great way for your characters and story to breath and grow, but there should ALWAYS be an ending. “All good things must come to an end”, as the cliche goes. – Well-developed characters dealing with very human emotions. – AContinue reading “Gravity Falls (tv)”

a Costume Review of the new Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT

-They’re remaking IT (the movie based on the book) and released this full shot of the new Pennywise the other day. -It’s definitely creepy. -But therein lies the rub: creepy, is not “terrifying”. What is terrifying is the ability to look innocent and harmless while holding something sinister and gruesome under the hood. -What childContinue reading “a Costume Review of the new Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT”

Stranger Things

-Loved it. -Set in early 80’s Indiana (early 80’s anything is great, there’s a He-Man cameo!) -If you’re a fan of science fiction or horror or mystery or suspense or conspiracies, you’ll be drawn into this in some way. -Great characters who all grow emotionally. -Winona Ryder! -The eight episodes were a perfect length toContinue reading “Stranger Things”