on Scott Pilgrim and CONSEQUENCES

Sometimes, movies have messages that you might not see initially. Welcome to “Special”, where we highlight that subtext and help you see your favorite movies in new, refreshing ways. – I was having a conversation the other day with my friend Peter, and he did not like that the Teacher in “Whiplash” [SPOILER] did notContinue reading “on Scott Pilgrim and CONSEQUENCES”

One Day at a Time

– a very faithful remake* of the 70’s/80’s sitcom , but now set in Echo Park and about a Cuban-American family. – just because they sometimes speak Spanish doesn’t mean their struggles aren’t HUMAN: inequality, acceptance, economy, single-motherhood, dating, immigration, PTSD, puberty, etc., etc., etc. – In my almost 39 years of life, my familyContinue reading “One Day at a Time”