Swamp Thing (2019)

From IMDB: “Abby Arcane returns home to Marais, Louisiana to investigate a deadly swamp-borne virus, only to discover the dark, terrifying mysteries of the swamp.” Story: A wonderfully woven horror/mystery/relationship drama set in the swamps of Louisiana. Side note: I’ve been wanting to visit Louisiana for many years, and this just makes me want toContinue reading “Swamp Thing (2019)”

Annabelle Comes Home

I haven’t seen all of the movies in the Conjuring shared universe. Matter of fact, I only saw the very first Conjuring, and the Annabelle movie before this one. Meaning, I’m not too familiar with the story these movies have been telling. This one focuses more on the Warren’s daughter and her babysitter, as theContinue reading “Annabelle Comes Home”

A Quiet Place

What I Liked: Intense & unrelenting suspense except when giving us small moments to understand our characters. There’s character growth without a bunch of explanatory dialog. Since there’s very little dialog (and it practically a silent movie), most of the movie is visually told. That corn silo scene though. I wish the ALIEN franchise wereContinue reading “A Quiet Place”

Happy Death Day

a very clever premise leads to a fun movie. very good and original dialog between characters. shout-out to all the cool movie posters in the lead male character’s dorm! however, the message within the character’s story arc is really heavy handed. [Spoiler-ish] the killers motivation might be the weakest I’ve EVER seen in a movie,Continue reading “Happy Death Day”

Cult of Chucky

Those closest to me know that Chucky is my favorite of all the “movie monsters”. The very first horror movie I ever saw was “Child’s Play 2”, and not only was I hooked on horror since then, but I was also completely enthralled by the exploits of Mr. Charles Lee Ray (Chucky’s real name). OneContinue reading “Cult of Chucky”