– a SMART “family movie” with social commentary! It’s got some good subtext and doesn’t talk down to it’s audience. – As charming as the 70’s stop-motion Padding Bear show I used to rent as a child. – There are some pretty imaginative and clever story-telling techniques that might remind you of Wes Anderson (lookContinue reading “Paddington”

Luke Cage

– My favorite Marvel tv show so far: dripping with social commentary and it has a great soundtrack. – Inequality? Gentrification? Politics? Civil rights? Entrepreneurship? Violence? Economics? Racism? Activism? Fatherhood? Dehumanization? Culture, leadership, responsibility, segregation, etc etc etc! Those topics (and so many more) are all on display here, and show that Blacks DO NOTContinue reading “Luke Cage”

The Edge of Seventeen

– The return of the teen movie (although, this one is a little more on the “adult” end of the spectrum, whereas other movies like “the Duff” keep the comedy fun and light [I really enjoyed the Duff]). – Speaking of…I MISS those fun, light teen movies. I wished they made more of them. IContinue reading “The Edge of Seventeen”

Kubo and the Two Strings

– It’s Indiana Jones blended with the Legend of Zelda series told as a stop-motion Kurosawa* film. – At some point, you’ll think that this movie was entirely computer generated because the stop-motion** in it is that damn great***. – A real breeze of a movie, as the story never truly slows down. Once you’reContinue reading “Kubo and the Two Strings”

Beverly Hills Cop

– It’s nostalgic for us who grew up in the 80’s BUT it’s also a really great film. – The music is killer: the Axel Foley theme song is iconic (and is played with variations [depending on the scene] throughout the entire movie), and the pop songs played throughout the movie are 80’s classics (PointerContinue reading “Beverly Hills Cop”

Rogue One: a Star Wars Story

– Goes from “just ok” to “OH MAN THIS IS KICKING ASS”. – A more “adult” (and enjoyable) Star Wars flick than “The Force Awakens”, which I felt pandered to nostalgia instead of trying to tell a good story whereas this new one… – Used nostalgia to EXPAND (key word) the film’s story and embedContinue reading “Rogue One: a Star Wars Story”

a Costume Review of the new Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT

-They’re remaking IT (the movie based on the book) and released this full shot of the new Pennywise the other day. -It’s definitely creepy. -But therein lies the rub: creepy, is not “terrifying”. What is terrifying is the ability to look innocent and harmless while holding something sinister and gruesome under the hood. -What childContinue reading “a Costume Review of the new Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT”

The Get Down

-Casting young Black & Hispanic actors (and actors that are mixes of both) is GREAT. Groundbreaking, even. These kids will be getting more and more roles thanks to this. -The music from the era (late 70’s birth of hip-hop & disco) is also GREAT. -Every actor brings their A-game. -It’s nice to see a showContinue reading “The Get Down”