Hell or High Water

– Other critics have called it a neo or contemporary western but that classification does not do it justice. Hell or High Water dusts off a mirror to show us exactly what warped sense of justice we have in the good ole US of A. – A perfect example of the end justifying the means,Continue reading “Hell or High Water”

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

– Never saw the Disney version, seeing as how it came out when I was a 14 year-old boy just wanting to play basketball and video games. – Having said that, people who love that version will probably enjoy this one (so it really shouldn’t matter what I say anyway, but my having my ownContinue reading “Beauty and the Beast (2017)”

Kong: Skull Island

– Genre mashups are hard to pull off successfully. Action-horror hybrids (like Underworld and the Resident Evils) and action-comedies (like the 21 Jump Street series) are constantly being churned out, but it’s usually just those two. Horror-comedies tend tend to age better, but studios don’t make those very much. This movie is a war-action-horror-comedy &Continue reading “Kong: Skull Island”

on Scott Pilgrim and CONSEQUENCES

Sometimes, movies have messages that you might not see initially. Welcome to “Special”, where we highlight that subtext and help you see your favorite movies in new, refreshing ways. – I was having a conversation the other day with my friend Peter, and he did not like that the Teacher in “Whiplash” [SPOILER] did notContinue reading “on Scott Pilgrim and CONSEQUENCES”

Get Out

– Written and directed by the same Jordan Peele from “Key & Peele”. – One of best written screenplays I’ve heard in a long while. – Peele’s direction is as TIGHT as his script. This is a very suspenseful film channeling the very best of Alfred Hitchcock, but with more social commentary (like the appropriationContinue reading “Get Out”

Voltron: Legendary Defender (tv)

– a remake of the mid-80’s cartoon “Voltron: Defender of the Universe”, which is itself an adaptation of the early-80’s “Beast King GoLion” cartoon from Japan (didja’ get all that?). – There’s two seasons available on Netflix now. – Speaking of the seasons: each one starts of weak, but get so much better towards theContinue reading “Voltron: Legendary Defender (tv)”

John Wick: Chapter 2

– Whoa. And I mean “WHOA”. While the first one lacked an actual quality screenplay, it was still stupidly entertaining. This one ditches the stupid and really brings it, by upping the action, the sets and THANKFULLY giving a legitimate good script. – Keanu’s work always gets my attention. If he’s in something (even ifContinue reading “John Wick: Chapter 2”

One Day at a Time

– a very faithful remake* of the 70’s/80’s sitcom , but now set in Echo Park and about a Cuban-American family. – just because they sometimes speak Spanish doesn’t mean their struggles aren’t HUMAN: inequality, acceptance, economy, single-motherhood, dating, immigration, PTSD, puberty, etc., etc., etc. – In my almost 39 years of life, my familyContinue reading “One Day at a Time”