Game Night

What I Liked: Great writing; a tight script that never lingers on improvised jokes. Dialog that is fresh and clever, never relying on lazy and heavily borrowed lines from movies past. Constantly keeps the story moving. Fun characters, all of them lovable. You’d want to hang out with them outside of the movie. Smart blendContinue reading “Game Night”

A Wrinkle in Time (2018)

What I Liked: A female person of color in the lead role, along with her interracial family. A female person of color in the director’s chair. What I Disliked: The beginning of the movie moves too quick, not allowing us to truly visually understand what is happening and why. Characters (and the audience) are toldContinue reading “A Wrinkle in Time (2018)”

Paddington 2

Charming sequel to a charming first entry. Has less subtext than that first film, but still brings intelligent storytelling. Why do studios feel the need to talk down to children? Or why make family films that resort to meager fart jokes? Are there intelligent fart jokes? In either case, these Paddington films are incredibly refreshingContinue reading “Paddington 2”

Star Wars: the Last Jedi

It’s LONG. There’s a particular sequence that I feel definitely slows down the movie. Multiple story arcs happening at the same time bog the whole thing down a bit. It’s the most artistically shot Star Wars movie that’s ever been made. #Cinema101 Rogue One had some impressive space-battle sequences, but the ones here destroy themContinue reading “Star Wars: the Last Jedi”

Blade Runner 2049

The first Blade Runner was a groundbreaking film in terms of its visuals. This one didn’t bring anything new to the table. Having said that, audiences and special effects have changed so much since 1982 that I think it would be hard pressed to do that. However, like that first movie, this newer movie movesContinue reading “Blade Runner 2049”

Happy Death Day

a very clever premise leads to a fun movie. very good and original dialog between characters. shout-out to all the cool movie posters in the lead male character’s dorm! however, the message within the character’s story arc is really heavy handed. [Spoiler-ish] the killers motivation might be the weakest I’ve EVER seen in a movie,Continue reading “Happy Death Day”

Cult of Chucky

Those closest to me know that Chucky is my favorite of all the “movie monsters”. The very first horror movie I ever saw was “Child’s Play 2”, and not only was I hooked on horror since then, but I was also completely enthralled by the exploits of Mr. Charles Lee Ray (Chucky’s real name). OneContinue reading “Cult of Chucky”