Isle dogs

What I Liked: Wes Anderson’s movies are usually familial dramedies, but this was a genre film; an adventure. Really pushes stop motion techniques and barriers. It’s Kurosawa through Rankin Bass. The music in it really adds to the overall atmosphere. Stop motion Taiko drummers? YES, PLEASE. The plot is quite morbid, and that makes theContinue reading “Isle dogs”

Paddington 2

Charming sequel to a charming first entry. Has less subtext than that first film, but still brings intelligent storytelling. Why do studios feel the need to talk down to children? Or why make family films that resort to meager fart jokes? Are there intelligent fart jokes? In either case, these Paddington films are incredibly refreshingContinue reading “Paddington 2”

The Terminator Tech Noir Shootout

The coordination of this scene is IMPECCABLE, and is a masterclass in editing: – Sarah ducking at the last moment. – The slow motion dancing (and MAN I LOVE that song). – The slow motion meeting of eyes with Kyle Reese. – ALL THE SLOW MOTION. – The dance music fading into terror as theContinue reading “The Terminator Tech Noir Shootout”

Kong: Skull Island

– Genre mashups are hard to pull off successfully. Action-horror hybrids (like Underworld and the Resident Evils) and action-comedies (like the 21 Jump Street series) are constantly being churned out, but it’s usually just those two. Horror-comedies tend tend to age better, but studios don’t make those very much. This movie is a war-action-horror-comedy &Continue reading “Kong: Skull Island”

Gravity Falls (tv)

– A truly fantastic show / mini-series. – Proof that long-form storytelling can be a great way for your characters and story to breath and grow, but there should ALWAYS be an ending. “All good things must come to an end”, as the cliche goes. – Well-developed characters dealing with very human emotions. – AContinue reading “Gravity Falls (tv)”


– a SMART “family movie” with social commentary! It’s got some good subtext and doesn’t talk down to it’s audience. – As charming as the 70’s stop-motion Padding Bear show I used to rent as a child. – There are some pretty imaginative and clever story-telling techniques that might remind you of Wes Anderson (lookContinue reading “Paddington”

Kubo and the Two Strings

– It’s Indiana Jones blended with the Legend of Zelda series told as a stop-motion Kurosawa* film. – At some point, you’ll think that this movie was entirely computer generated because the stop-motion** in it is that damn great***. – A real breeze of a movie, as the story never truly slows down. Once you’reContinue reading “Kubo and the Two Strings”