An production that is completely heartfelt and respectful to Mexican traditions, culture & music. Engaging story about remembering our past heritage and enriching our legacies. That “Papel Picado” (Cut Paper) sequence at the beginning was marvelous. Great seeing the tributes to past Mexican icons. I think I’ll buy the soundtrack. Reminds me of how muchContinue reading “Coco”

Cars 3

The first Cars movie came out when my Daughter was two, and it was the first movie I took her to see in the theater; so there’s an emotional connection to this series that she’s grown up with, from her (obviously) to me watching her grow with it. There’s a tradition with the three CarsContinue reading “Cars 3”

Finding Dory

-Dory was already the best part of the first movie, and she gets to carry this one. -Film is paced way better than that first movie (which I thought was really boring). -Marlin isn’t as annoying and actually gets to grow. -Great new characters brightens up the world, especially Hank (voiced by Ed “Al Bundy”Continue reading “Finding Dory”