The Jungle Book (2016)

– I’ve never seen (that I can remember) the original animated Jungle Book movie that Disney is remaking with this live-action version. 90% of my exposure to it comes from the 90’s Disney-spinoff-cartoon “Tailspin”, which featured Baloo the bear as a cargo freight pilot and only Shere Khan and King Louie returning. That was aContinue reading “The Jungle Book (2016)”

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

– Never saw the Disney version, seeing as how it came out when I was a 14 year-old boy just wanting to play basketball and video games. – Having said that, people who love that version will probably enjoy this one (so it really shouldn’t matter what I say anyway, but my having my ownContinue reading “Beauty and the Beast (2017)”

Finding Dory

-Dory was already the best part of the first movie, and she gets to carry this one. -Film is paced way better than that first movie (which I thought was really boring). -Marlin isn’t as annoying and actually gets to grow. -Great new characters brightens up the world, especially Hank (voiced by Ed “Al Bundy”Continue reading “Finding Dory”