The Lighthouse (2019)

What I liked:

  • The black and white, high contrast, full frame cinematography was amazing, and really helped establish the time period. This is how ALL movies should establish themselves.
  • The acting was great, and if anything got me ready to see Robert Pattinson as the new Batman.

What I didn’t like:

  • There’s not much to the story. It’s a slow-burning 2 hours of two people arguing. I kept checking the time, hoping the movie was close to being over.
  • There is a particular brand of horror movies that specialize in making the audience uncomfortable. “Antichrist” and “Midsomar” are examples. They’re classified as “psychological horror” and they have their fanbase. But I’m not a part of it. I don’t like when movies make me uncomfortable, so this movie isn’t really for me.

Overall: From an objective standpoint, fans of psychological horror and strong performances will enjoy this movie.

Jose Zuazua is editor-in-chief of Quick Lunch Break Reviews. He has an associates degree in film production. He’s on Twitter and Instagram, and is also currently writing his first short novel.

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