Galletas Delight in Glendale! (FOOD REVIEW)

I stumbled upon Galletas Delight one late March afternoon on my way to visit a friend at his office. I like to think that I’m pretty knowledgeable about any new food-establishments that pop up in my hometown of Glendale. So, once I was done with my friend, I visited this new place with the Spanish-English hybrid name. I entered a lively, colorful establishment and was greeted by an extremely friendly and extremely professional staff. After we introduced ourselves, I was then mesmerized by the different traditional-Mexican-treat-inspired ice cream flavors and cookies that were available. Now, I must say: I warned the staff that I wasn’t going to get any ice cream and that I was just looking, enticed by the mere name of the business. But things sounded good, and they sure looked good. At that point, the staff offered me some samples, of which I did not decline.

I lost track of how many of the ice cream flavors I sampled, but each one was a nostalgic shot to my taste buds, reminding me of how much I love my Mexican heritage and the delicious food that it is famous for. These were all ice cream flavors based on the different treats that are traditionally consumed in Mexican, Mexican-American and Latino homes, like Abuelita Hot Chocolate, Mazapan and even the famous Horchata milk drink. After I heaped compliments to the staff on their new business and wonderful ice cream, I drove home in anticipation of telling my family of this magical new place here in Glendale.

I lost track of how many times I’ve been back to eat ice cream there since that first meetup. The “Mexican Hot-Chocolate” (based on the Abuelita Hot Chocolate I mentioned above) is my go-to, but the “Lime-Pie” is a close second. Both flavors are rich, but their texture is alive. Whereas the taste of the Mexican Hot Chocolate gives you a satisfied warmth brought on by childhood memories, the Lime Pie makes you feel like you’re enjoying a chilled drink on a warm beach. I’ve also tried “Limon”, which has a flavor reminiscent of the famous lime popsicles (or “paletas”) you can get from your local popsicle-cart vendor. Oh, and I also added “Chamoy” and “Tajin” to that scoop of Limon. So you know, Chamoy is a sauce made of pickled-fruit and Tajin is a chili-lime seasoning. Both are extremely popular on fruit and it turns out they also taste awesome on ice cream.

sandia 1
Watermelon topped with Tajin on a cake cone
Lime Pie in cup
Mexican Hot Chocolate in a churro cookie sandwich

If you choose, you can get different toppings on your Galletas Delight flavors of choice, like the ones mentioned above to even cereal (I’ve saw a fellow patron get Cinnamon Toast Crunch once). And you can also eat your ice cream in a few different ways: cone, waffle cone, cup (my favorite), cone-in-cup, taco-shell and even in cookie-sandwich-form.

Yessss, this is where the logo and name come into play, dear readers. You see, “Galletas” means “Cookies” in Spanish, and you can see that the logo is of an ice cream cookie-sandwich. Sure, they have chocolate-chip cookies there. But as I’ve already explained, this is a Mexican-treat inspired establishment.

Ever see a cookie made from a Churro? Have you ever eaten a “Polvorón” or a “Puerquito”? Polvorónes are shortbread cookies, and Puerquitos are a puffy cookie in the shape of a pig. Ever consider eating ice cream sandwiched in between one of these (or any of the other) cookies that Galletas Delight bakes fresh daily? Well, now you can experiment by trying your favorite flavors with your favorite cookies.

Polvorón cookie

You can even get a Mexican-bottled soda when you’re done.

Here in Glendale, we don’t have a lot of “Mexican” places. Sure, we’ve got about 8 taco restaurants (and tacos are the most Mexican food that exists), but we don’t have something that reminds us of why we talk about our culture so much. It is a culture that is so rich in tradition, and so much of that tradition comes from the different foods that we eat.

To me, Galletas Delight is a step-forward in that direction and I’m absolutely delighted that they’re leading the culinary charge. It’s even Mexi-Papa approved!


Overall: A deliciously unique take on ice cream. Also, HUGE shout out to Alvaro and Javier for their impeccable service. Five out of Five Stars.

Jose Zuazua is editor-in-chief of Quick Lunch Break Reviews. He has an associates degree in film production & is the host of the A Little Drive Podcast. He’s on Twitter & Instagram.

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