Perdy (vol. 1)

Perdy is a Western-comedy about the toughest gal you’ll ever find. She’s crude, she’s horny and she will break your nose if she feels like it. She is also fresh out of prison and maybe has something up her sleeve.

What I liked:

  • I’m not a big fan of westerns but doggone it, this is a funny, violent and precisely emotional book.
  • As a character, Perdy is similar to Tucco in the Good, the Bad & the Ugly, and like Tucco, there’s a charm in her crass ways. We shouldn’t be rooting for her, but we do, and we love her.
  • Yes, Perdy is vulgar, but her and any vulgar situations that come up in the book never pull us out of the story’s progression.
  • I have conservative tendencies, but there’s a sex-scene in this that had me laughing a lot. I’m still laughing about it days later.
  • I have never seen such a well-developed set of supporting characters before, and each one serves their purpose.
  • There’s a heart to this book that I won’t get into, as it is important to experience it first-hand.
  • The book’s artwork kind of reminds me of Sergio Aragonés, an influential cartoonist for Mad magazine, but re-imagined in its own fresh way. Gave me a “Grindhouse-Western” vibe, as if Corbucci’s original Django was played as a comedy.
  • The onomatopoeia used in this book is the most accurate phonetic depiction of sounds I’ve ever experience in my life. I constantly smiled reading/hearing them.
  • The story does a subtle and smooth job weaving through the subplots.
  • Kickliy is an award-winning artist from France, whose work I discovered on Instagram. His work is wonderfully natural and lively, giving his art a sincerely loving touch. Browsing the pictures on his account made me feel like an enthusiastic 8 year old discovering awesome art for the first time, especially with his work based on 80s cartoons like G.I. Joe. All of his stuff is fantastic though, give him a look-see. He has quickly become my favorite artist working today.

What I didn’t like:

  • That I have to wait for volume 2!

Overall: I loved this book about a character I shouldn’t love, doing something she shouldn’t be doing, because at its core it is humorous, lewd and absolutely endearing.

  • Support small businesses and get it at your local comic-shop (or get it through Amazon here if you don’t have a comic-shop close-by).

Jose Zuazua is editor-in-chief of Quick Lunch Break Reviews. He has an associates degree in film production & is the host of the A Little Drive Podcast. He’s on Twitter & Instagram.

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