Cult of Chucky

  • Those closest to me know that Chucky is my favorite of all the “movie monsters”. The very first horror movie I ever saw was “Child’s Play 2”, and not only was I hooked on horror since then, but I was also completely enthralled by the exploits of Mr. Charles Lee Ray (Chucky’s real name). One bonus thing for me was that he was inspired by the My Buddy doll, which was something I absolutely had (and STILL have [but stored away]). By the way, My Buddy was a FANTASTIC wrestling opponent for the 7 year old version of Me. Having said all of that, I can still be unbiased when reviewing a film, as film and story come first in everything. So please keep that in mind as you read this review.
  • Hey! It’s Andy Barclay! Again!
  • I watched the unrated version, so the gore was definitely copious. The squeamish should watch the rated version, or simply turn away. There will be blood.
  • [SPOILER-ish] Hardcore/longtime Chucky movie fans should watch until after the credits.
  • I reviewed the last movie in the series “Curse of Chucky” on Amazon back when I saw it, and I felt that the series creator/writer (and also director of the last three movies) Don Mancini had really slam dunked that movie, and I even compared it to an Alfred Hitchcock movie. He really took his time to build a calculated suspense piece that had me emotionally immersed. This time, he takes that suspense and amplifies it even more by somehow channeling foreign filmmakers like Dario Argento and still making it his own film. He and cinematographer Michael Marshall (who worked on Curse of Chucky too), just know how to use camera techniques, compositions and color pallets that create a powerfully tense (but still beautiful to look at) cinematic work.
  • Speaking of Don Mancini, this franchise is his baby. So many times, (especially with tv series’), creators will stretch a plot so thin, that by the later seasons, the show just isn’t that good any more. Same thing with movie sequels, especially horror movie sequels. But Mancini was actually able to not only gloriously expand his own universe, but he was able to do in a surprising and utterly refreshing way.
  • Now, you’re probably asking yourself: “But Jose, is it a good MOVIE? I don’t care about some artsy fartsy cinemakonkrafee junk!”  Here’s the thing, dear readers: you cannot have a good movie without some artistic…fartedness taking place! The greatest movies you remember have their creators firing on all of their artistic cylinders, no matter what genre it is. “Kids” movies like Toy Story 3? The script was nominated for an Oscar. “Horror” movies like the Exorcist? Nominated for BEST PICTURE. I can go on and on with examples but my point is: you CANNOT have a good movie without the artistic side of “filmmaking” being practiced by SOMEBODY. So…YES, Cult of Chucky is a “good” movie. So very “good”.
  • Final Letter Grade: A+
  • Jose Zuazua is editor-in-chief of Quick Lunch Break Reviews. He has an associates degree in film production. He’s on Twitter and Instagram.





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