Shin Godzilla

  • I wouldn’t call myself a “fan” of Godzilla or the movies. I think the concept is cool, and the character is cool, but I don’t rush out to see or rent movies based on him. Having said that…
  • There’s a new look to the creature, and I really enjoyed it. Feels like something more realistic.
  • SPEAKING OF REALISTIC…this is the most realistic version of a Godzilla movie that I’ve seen. The movie is paced rather slowly, and is more about the Japanese government’s failed reactions and the consequences of their arrogance. There are a lot of talking heads making and questioning decisions, trying to find the best economic and political approaches in dealing with the situation, instead of actually dealing with the situation. By the way, it’s pure coincidence that I’m watching this movie about a government failing to deal with a natural disaster at the same time our U.S. government is failing to deal with a natural disaster. Hellooooo, social commentary! (Long time readers of this site know I’m a sucker for social-commentary).
  • Some of the scenes of politicians talking politics are inter-mixed with Japanese citizen’s cell phone videos of Godzilla (similar to the first Cloverfield movie). I thought this was a very refreshing approach as it put us on the ground with people and closer to the action.
  • When we weren’t getting cell phone footage, we were getting soooo many dialog scenes, but they were dialog scenes that were shot very well, and were also written very sharply and smartly (are those even words? Who cares.).
  • Even though this is the studio’s attempt to “reboot” the franchise, it’s still very nice to hear the old Godzilla theme (and it didn’t seem like the theme was redone by some fancy-pants orchestra, it sounded like the original song just played off of a record).
  • When there’s action in this movie, it’s AWESOME. There’s destruction, screaming and fighter jets! Shot and edited extremely well, the movie goes from “sheesh, there’s more talking” to “HOLY CRUD THIS IS AWESOME!” I saw Godzilla do things I didn’t think he could do, and it was as much a blast seeing him get attacked as it was seeing him fight back.
  • Speaking of attacking and fighting back, this movie is very grounded. Meaning: the destruction Godzilla was causing was very realistic. Innocent people DIE. And the way the Japanese decide to fight back with science and tangible concepts was extremely refreshing.
  • Final Letter Grade: B+
  • Jose Zuazua is editor-in-chief of Quick Lunch Break Reviews. He has an associates degree in film production. He’s on Twitter and Instagram.

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