GLOW (tv): a Female’s Perspective

  • As a product of the 70’s and 80’s, there really wasn’t too much going on except for the Saturday Morning cartoon. I was way too young to understand SNL and was pretty much stuck watching Lawrence Welk (bubbles and accordion music, oh my). One day, my mom introduced something magical to my brother and I. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling aka GLOW! We always looked forward to watching this entertaining, delightful show (which segwayed into our love of the former WWF). So I was super excited when Netflix decided to create a TV show based off of GLOW.
  • The show is based in the 80’s. Big hair, big shoulder pads and big egos. Your main characters are Ruth and Debbie, two former friends who become advisaries in and out of the ring. In typical night time soap opera fashion, sex is what breaks their friendship (Ruth sleeps with Debbie’s douche bag husband).
  • But it’s not just about that. There are also some small side stories about the other girls. My favorite one is about the story about Carmen, played by Britney Young. She comes from a family of wrestlers (Dad and Brothers are famous wrestlers) and dad of course does not want his daughter wrestling because it’s dangerous. Carmen, in her journey to prove him wrong, goes against his wishes and wrestles anyway.  There’s more to this but I think you need to see it for yourself.
  • Yes, some of this show is a little bit of a cliche, but that was kind of the 80’s.
  • I think the story line does justice to this show as well as the acting. As a woman who grew up watching women’s wrestling, I always felt impowered watching these women kicking butt. They had great story lines and awesome moves. Watching this show, I felt the same way, with a twinge of nostalgia (there’s great music in this show). There was always a message about girl power and that we’re not just sex objects, the show moves through this and shows that women CAN do what a man can do.
  • I want to see what next season can bring.
  • Final Letter Grade: A. 
  • Veronica Zuazua-Kuznets is a girl who was always curious about Comic Con but had never gone. She’s a big fan of Downton Abbey. Tweet her here and on Instagram.

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