Wondercon (2017)

  • I didn’t read a lot of comics when I was a kid with the exception of the Archie Comics and the little comics they would give you at Bob’s Big Boy (yes I am aging myself). I knew a few of my friends were really into it and have been more than a few times but this was my first exposure into this world and thought I would start with something small, hence going to Wonder Con.
  • SIZE – Small is an understatement. There was so many people that I think my eyes were going to pop out of my head.
  • COSTUMES – A truly spectacular site! So much craftsmanship and love going to everything I saw. I was amazed and I don’t know if I would have the time and the patience!
  • MERCHANDISE – Possibly everything you can imagine, including mystery boxes and bags you can buy from $5-$100 plus the monthly subscription boxes you can create yourself. Truly beyond measure!
  • PARKING – just driving out to Anaheim (which is easier then probably driving down to San Diego) is a bit of a stretch. Combine that with looking for parking for an hour is enough to make your nerves fry. And you could not park on the residential streets without a permit! What’s a girl to do? I found a couple of hotels that charged $40 (yes$40) to park there unless you park all the way down to Angels Stadium and take the shuttle. And not being too familiar with Anaheim (and no signs telling me where the stadium was), I opted for the $40 parking spot which put a hole in my heart and my wallet. If I were to plan it out better, maybe next year I’ll stay down there at a hotel (or crash on my cousin’s couch) and go to Wonder Con.
  • AUTOGRAPHS – I wondered around the convention center seeing all the beautiful (and pricey) works of art, comics and unique toys but when it came to seeing the different celebrities and seeing how much they would charge for just an autograph? I mean I like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, I don’t think I would pay $30 for his autograph. And it said Lou Ferrigno was going to make an appearance, but I didn’t see him there. I would have paid $30 for a Lou Ferrigno autograph because he has more star power than Soup Nazi.
  • CROWDS – I generally don’t have a problem with crowds and the convention center is big enough to hold a lot of people. Just trying to get into the convention center was like trying to squeeze into a size 2 when you’re a size 14.Virtually impossible.
  • MERCHANDISE – I’m putting this here as well because as much as it was awesome to see all those things, you need a RIDICULOUS amount of cash if you intend to purchase anything. I probably spent at least $50 on 5 items. Not that it wasn’t worth it but if you want something that’s either creative or something from your favorite show, you might want to take out a loan.
  • FOOD – <SIGH> Where do I begin. Not really a lot of choices. It might be smarter to bring your own food or snacks. For what they had available they charged way too much for. If I want to pay $15 dollars for a burger, I’ll go to The Counter. They had food trucks outside, but again WAY too expensive.
  • So the question is will I go again? Most likely because I did enjoy myself. I would just have to tweak things around and save some money at least just for the hotel.
  • Final Letter Grade: B-

Veronica Zuazua-Kuznets is a girl who was always curious about Comic Con but had never gone. She’s a big fan of Downton Abbey. Tweet her here (https://twitter.com/admrlackbarsbae) and on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/verzuakuz).

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