– Makes just about all other movies about super heroes with super powers feel dated by comparison.
– I didn’t know anything about the new characters, and I still cared about them by the end. That’s more than I can say for most of the MCU movies.
– Everyone was perfectly cast, especially X-23 and the two villains. These actors did amazing jobs.
– The action was INTENSE. When shit goes down, IT GOES DOWN. The music added a lot to this, too.
– This movie NEEDED The R rating. The blood and gore added to the violent nature of the story, and brought me back to the glory days of action cinema.
– This movie reminded me of how I felt about Terminator 2 back in the day. I put this up there with that movie. Both were action masterpieces with heartbreaking endings.
– Final Letter Grade: A

Paul Rockey is a contributing writer for Quick Lunch Break Reviews, and a long-time movie buff who loves to work out and study martial arts. Find him on Instagram (instagram.com/paulrockey).

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