The Transfomers: The (animated) Movie

-The movie was released THIRTY years ago today (and I got to see it as a child in the Eagle Rock Plaza [back when they had theaters inside]).
-Great dialog and banter between the characters (especially Kup, Hot Rod, Arcee & Springer).
-One of Orson Welles’ final films (Yes, THAT Orson Welles).
-Pushed characters and story in ways that your standard “cartoons that were secretly toy commercials” had not really been pushed.
-Apparently caused some trauma for some children (wimps!)
-Makes my top ten favorite films of ALL TIME (a list that also contains movies like Seven Samurai and To Kill a Mockingbird).
-“I’ve got better things to do tonight than die.”
-I remember being shocked (and seeing other kids in the theater shocked [but in an innocent, cool “kids” way] when one of the characters from the cartoon (now aged in the movie) cussed.
-Sweet soundtrack blasting 80’s metal, Weird Al and two 80’s-rific tracks by Stan Bush.
-In the mid-90’s, I lent Danny Simonzad my vhs copy of it, and his vcr ate the tape (In his defense, the tape was pretty worn since I had seen the movie so damn much).
-I STILL quote this movie, as I know every line of dialog in it since it’s the movie I’ve seen the most in my entire life.
-Leonard Nimoy, Judd Nelson and Monty Python’s Eric Idle are in it too.
-Final Grade: A+

Jose Zuazua is editor-in-chief of Quick Lunch Break Reviews. He has an associates degree in film production. He’s on twitter ( and instagram (

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