Luke Cage

– My favorite Marvel tv show so far: dripping with social commentary and it has a great soundtrack.
– Inequality? Gentrification? Politics? Civil rights? Entrepreneurship? Violence? Economics? Racism? Activism? Fatherhood? Dehumanization? Culture, leadership, responsibility, segregation, etc etc etc! Those topics (and so many more) are all on display here, and show that Blacks DO NOT have it as easy as you think they do.
– The soundtrack is a hybrid of older rap music, 70’s soul, modern soul and a little bit of funk thrown in; Like a Blaxploitation flick from the 70’s (Shaft, Foxy Brown, the Mack, etc
– the title of every episode is also the title of a song by Gang Starr, one of the best rap groups ever.
– Getting coffee is used as a metaphor and you might happily never see a regular cup of it in the same light ever again.
– No matter what color you are, don’t you say the N-Word around Luke.Cage. I REALLY loved this aspect of his character. People of all colors seem to be ok with using that word flippantly and it’s not right. And just because “they use it”, doesn’t mean you can. You can’t. EVER.
– Simone Missick is one of my new celebrity crushes. Simone Missick FOREVER.
– There’s an appearance by Method Man that eventually leads to a song and I loved that scene so much I went back and watched it about 3-4 times.
– My only gripe is how many times they say “Luke.Cage.” They say it SO MUCH throughout the entire series it’s laughable. I bet if I (or someone else) made a Youtube compilation of all the times and ways it was said, it’d be over 5 minutes (that’s not good screenwriting [seriously, watch one of your favorite movies or shows and count the number of times the main character’s name is utttered]).
– Final Letter Grade: A

Jose Zuazua is editor-in-chief of Quick Lunch Break Reviews. He has an associates degree in film production. He’s on twitter ( and instagram (

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