The Edge of Seventeen

– The return of the teen movie (although, this one is a little more on the “adult” end of the spectrum, whereas other movies like “the Duff” keep the comedy fun and light [I really enjoyed the Duff]).
– Speaking of…I MISS those fun, light teen movies. I wished they made more of them. I don’t watch Ferris Bueller only for nostalgia, I watch it because it’s great, it’s light (Cameron aside) and it’s fun without there being a ton of sex and drugs in it.
– Back to this flick: very well-shot and well written. I find it hard to believe that someone won’t find something to relate to within it, whether you’re a seventeen year old female outsider who doesn’t think before she speaks or were one in the past.
– Let’s give it up for the awkward guys who like a girl but are too awkward to be smooth about it!
– We get to see the main character go through a very well developed journey.
– The best Woody Harrelson performance since Kingpin! You can quote me on that one.
– Let’s touch on my “well-shot” comment from before: “cinema” is defined as “the production of movies as an art or industry”. Let’s focus on the ART part. As an audience, we’re supposed to be transported to another place, another time, another person when we go watch these movies. That cannot TRULY happen if the people behind the camera are half-assing it. There have been so many that have been trained in the art of visual storytelling but unfortunately…there’s A LOT of half-assing up on the big screens nowadays. But this movie is an exception, and it’s actually what stood out the most. I love when small, independent “coming of age” tales like this (and “500 Days of Summer”) just take their time to get their art right instead of just cranking out a job.
– Remember: demand more from your movie studios.
– Final letter grade: B+

Jose Zuazua is editor-in-chief of Quick Lunch Break Reviews. He has an associates degree in film production. He’s on twitter ( and instagram (

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