The Get Down

-Casting young Black & Hispanic actors (and actors that are mixes of both) is GREAT. Groundbreaking, even. These kids will be getting more and more roles thanks to this.
-The music from the era (late 70’s birth of hip-hop & disco) is also GREAT.
-Every actor brings their A-game.
-It’s nice to see a show where minorities get to succeed.
-BUT…those same minorities get themselves into some trouble that never get resolved. Hardly anyone experiences any actual consequences for their negative actions.
-Additional story threads with smaller characters are brought up too late within the six episodes and not given any real screen time to grow.
-The narrative is highly imbalanced, spending too much time on unimportant scenes that hardly progress the story at all. Plus, that time was a very volatile time in New York and should’ve affected the characters and their environments a lot more than actually shown.
-Whomever edited the show is not a good editor (Neither am I, and that’s how I know). Scenes are cut roughly, dialog is cut in weird places and using different music used to contrast on-screen-conflict doesn’t work.
-Some of the resolutions to conflicts happen too easily as if they were in someone’s pocket.
-Some might take the show as perpetuating a few negative stereotypes and glorifying negative behavior (I did…but was that part of the time? That New York was so messed up that good people did bad things and got away with them? And no one ever faced reprimand for it?)
-I really wanted to enjoy this. As someone who still has my parent’s Rapper’s Delight LP (and whose first piece of music ever bought was Run-DMC’s Tougher Than Leather [and has ABBA as a favorite band of all time]), I was really craving something that was set in that time and showcased that music. I just wish it had been told better (but that’s my fault for having expectations. I shouldn’t have my own ideas of what the show could be). It’s just ok, with some brilliant moments (especially one for an especially antagonistic character).
-Final Grade: C+

Jose Zuazua is editor-in-chief of Quick Lunch Break Reviews. He has an associates degree in film production. He’s on twitter ( and instagram (

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